kaffe med mælk

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for my little man kase

serie: little plastic dead people

series: album covers 1

ciudad gráfica

ivanka comes to visit

Late last night there was a knock on the door.  I opened it to find Ivanka waiting there, all placidity and pallor. Her furs swept past me like a pantherine escape as she made her way to the couch.  A smoke was salvaged from underneath a couch cushion and lit between red lips. We lounged in veiled silence and bathed in shared apartness.  Light followed her throughout the apartment seeking shelter in her dark pelt as I slid into her shadow…

video experimental.

visiones veraniegas

creatures by mountain & shore

breakfast cusqueño

high flyin’

new home:



                                       striped she is with light     

                            beam crossed and golden she slides   

                                           softly to the floor 

                                            rayada con luz

                                          cruzada y dorada

                                            se cae al suelo